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Home to some of the best hair colorists in St. Louis, The Boulevard Hair Co. delivers extraordinary hair color tailored to your individual style. When you book an appointment, you'll get connected to a team of talented and unique stylists specialized in Vivids Hair Coloring that are equipped to realize any style from a sleek bob to eccentric color. You'll receive unsurpassed treatments utilizing only top of the line products from incredibly gifted artists who make it their mission to leave you feeling and looking your best.

Color Services
  • ALL OVER COLOR (up to 4oz max)(1) (2) $128+
  • VIVIDS COLOR (3) $90+/hr
  • PREMIUM FOIL (61+ Foils) (1) (2) $168+
  • FULL FOIL (31-60 Foils) (1) (2) $148+
  • PARTIAL FOIL (1-30 Foils) (1) (2) $138+
  • BALAYAGE (1) (2) $188+
  • OMBRE (1) (2) $188+
  • MEN'S COLOR CAMO (1) $67+
  • COLOR CORRECTION (3) $110+/hr
Add On Color Services & Treatments
  • BROW TINT $25
(1) Shampoo, Cut & Blowout Included.
(2) Additional Charges May Apply. $30 for each additional color (over 4oz), toner, and lightener. Actual price to be quoted during consultation.
(3) Consultation Visit Required Prior to Reservation.

All prices are starting prices and may vary between each individual stylist.
Color prices can vary based on stylist, current condition of guest's hair & desired look.

Choosing a hair color service can be overwhelming with so many options available, including
balayage, ombre, highlights (foils), vivids, and all-over color. Each technique offers a unique
look, and choosing one that suits your style and needs is important. Below, we will explore the
differences between these hair coloring techniques and help you choose the right one for you.

1. Balayage
Balayage is a French coloring technique that involves painting the hair in a sweeping
motion to create a natural, sun-kissed effect. This technique creates a graduated
color effect, with lighter ends and darker roots. It is a low-maintenance technique
that is perfect for those who want a natural, subtle change.

2. Ombre
Ombre is a technique that involves transitioning from one color to another. This
technique is typically done from dark to light, creating a gradient effect. Ombre can
be subtle or dramatic, depending on the desired effect. This technique is great for
those who want to add some depth and dimension to their hair.

3. Highlights (Foils)
Highlights involve coloring specific strands of hair, typically using a lighter shade
than the base color. This technique creates a contrast between the highlighted
strands and the rest of the hair. Highlights can be subtle or bold, depending on the
desired effect. This technique is great for those who want to add some dimension to
their hair without a dramatic change. The amount of foils used is typically dictated
by how much hair you have and how drastic how light you want to go.

4. Vivids
Vivids are bright, bold, and unconventional colors like blue, pink, and purple. This
technique involves pre-lightening the hair to achieve the desired color. Vivids are
perfect for those who want a unique and statement-making look.

5. All-Over Color
All-over color involves coloring the entire head of hair with one shade. This
technique is great for those who want a dramatic change or to cover gray hair.
When choosing a hair color service, consider your personal style, hair type, and maintenance
preferences. Consult with your stylist to determine which technique will best achieve your
desired look. With the right hair color service, you can transform your look and boost your

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