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Brows & Lashes

If the eyes are the windows to your soul, then your eyebrows and eyelashes are definitely the curtains and drapes. In our mission to have you looking and feeling your best, we’re happy to offer brow and lash services to give you the boost you need. Brow lamination will help you get the desired shape you want for fuller, healthier brows, while brow tinting can help further enhance, shape, and define your brows. A Keratin lash lift, on the other hand, can help give the appearance of fuller, more well-defined lashes.

  • BROW LAMINATION (Brow Tint Included) $100
  • KERATIN LASH LIFT (Lash Tint Included) $100
  • BROW TINT $25
All prices are starting prices and may vary between each individual aesthetician/nurse. Prices are based on the level of the aesthetician/nurse that you choose.

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