What Type of Hair Extensions Are Right For You?


Whether it’s adding volume to your hairstyle or instantly making your hair longer, hair extensions allow you to customize the way your hair looks for every occasion. But are you using the hair extensions that are right for you? Because regardless of the cost or reputation of the salon you got them from, human hair extensions will only look good on you if they match your style and needs.

Boulevard Hair Co. has broken it all down so you can find out which hair extensions are perfect for you! Book your free initial consultation with one of our expert stylists to get started!


Flat and flexible, hand-tied weft hair extensions are perfect for those who want to have long, shiny, natural-looking hair. Hand-tied extensions don’t require heat or glue for an application, so they are quite comfortable to wear.

Hand-tied weft hair extensions are not suitable for those experiencing active hair loss or some other scalp-based conditions, and its tension points system could cause hair loss from traction alopecia (a common result from frequently wearing tight ponytails, pigtails, or braids). However, if you have coarse, thick hair, hand-tied extensions can give your hairstyle the volume you are looking for — plus, it allows you to use common oil-based products on your scalp.


As one of the newest hair extension methods in the market, tape-in hair extensions come with a long list of pros. Tape-ins use light Polyurethane-coated extension panels which are spread over a larger area than most methods. That’s why tape-ins are safer, look more natural, and have a faster applying time than most methods — taking on average either 20 minutes for volume applications or 50 minutes for full-length applications.

Perhaps the best thing about tape-in extensions is that they are reusable and last up to 8 weeks. Although application times are short, you do need to avoid any kind of silicone or oil-based products and try not to sweat or wash your hair too much for the next 48 hours after the application to guarantee success.


Typically the most affordable type of hair extensions available, clip-in extensions allow you to customize the way your hair looks in a matter of minutes. So if you like changing your hairstyle every day or hate doing extensive maintenance to your hair, then clip-ins give you the versatility to apply them in the morning and take them off when you get home.

Clip-in hair extensions are made for temporary use and this can be both a pro or con depending on your circumstances. For example, clip-ins give you the ability to play with your hair’s color, length, and style. However, using them for days at a time without taking them off while you sleep can lead to hair loss. So if you’ve settled for a specific hairstyle, clip-ins might not be for you; but if you like change, these hair extensions might be perfect!


Whether you want semi-permanent hair or temporary hair extensions, at Boulevard Hair Co. we have the experience and quality products you need to look your best. Our stylists’ extensive knowledge and familiarity with the latest hair-extension techniques and products make The Boulevard the best hair salon in the St. Louis area!

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