The Hottest Hair Trends for 2022

Our hair has a massive impact on the way we feel about ourselves. What we do with our hair can give us a sense of control when we go through big changes in our lives. Our hair can provide a confident radiance when we enter a room and is the perfect place to start for any new style change.

Following hair trends can make us feel stylish and modern. If you’re searching for new hair cut ideas, look no further! We want to help you become the best you, starting with your hair!


In the 1970s, hairstylist Paul McGregor introduced the shag haircut on actress Jane Fonda. One of the biggest hair trends for 2022 is the shaggy haircut with a modern twist. This style is the perfect complement for any fashion taste, from alternative styles to business casual.

The biggest transformation of the shag is the emphasis on layers and texture. If you’re looking for volume, bounce, and something easy to maintain, this is it. This style gives extra movement to everything you do.

This hairstyle works best as a shoulder or shorter haircut, but you can do it with long hair. You can also have curly or straight hair and still achieve the aesthetic of shaggy hair.


The latest trend cycles take inspiration from the past, and hairstyles do too! The super straight, sleek hairstyles of the early 2000s are back as 2022 hair trends.

The longer the hair, the more you can emphasize the straight, shiny style that frames your face. Healthy hair is important with this style, especially if you use a straightener every day. Keeping your hair moisturized and using materials that protect against damage will make maintaining this look easier.

This style is perfect if you want to feel sophisticated and powerful. A middle part will give you symmetry that looks amazing in photos. A side part will provide a stunning asymmetry that can change the shape of your face.


The era of bangs being difficult to manage is over!

You can combine bangs with any of these hair style trends. Different styles, shapes, and lengths can change the shape of your face positively.

Wispy bangs are great for people with curls because it’s a few curls layered over your forehead with gaps to keep the look light and fresh. Rather than being one thick gathering of hair, this style of bang functions as a way to complement the rest of your curly hair without overtaking your face.

Curtain bangs split down the middle of your forehead and swept to each side. Like the wispy bangs, it keeps space open on your forehead. This gives your face an angular feel that is still breathable.

Choppy layer bangs are commonly seen with the shag haircut. These bangs leave no gaps, but are choppy and layered to create texture. It has a higher visual appeal than straight bangs for many people.

Cropped Bangs are also great for people with long, curly hair. This look is a thicker version of the wispy bangs. The bounce and movement of the thicker bang is the perfect accessory for anyone looking to add something more to their hair.

The side-swept bangs or fringe of the early 2000s is another style from this era that is seeing a revival. Sideswept bangs start with a side part and sweep the bangs across your forehead to the opposite side of the part. This look is another way to add asymmetry to your face and create new angles that highlight your features.


As beauty standards change, the idea of embracing your natural beauty has begun to emerge. This means letting your curls reach their maximum curliness, not hiding the grey hairs, and properly taking care of your hair.

Part of this movement has led to people trying to identify what type of hair they have. After finding out what kind of curly, straight, or kinky hair texture they have, they can purchase products and visit salons that know how to work with that hair type.

Embracing your natural beauty is a key factor in learning to love yourself for who you are. Your hair can be one of the easiest places to start when learning to love yourself. Putting in the effort to take care of and enhance what you already have can make your natural hair shine.


Hair color trends change from year to year. Using bright, vibrant, colors is an ideal form of self-expression for many people. More workplaces are even starting to embrace people with colorful hair.

But, many people still want a natural look when they color their hair. One of the newest hair trends is the usage of complementary highlights. Using soft browns and golds on darker hair can bring out the texture of your hair and create more visual volume.

Picking the right hair color can be a massive confidence booster. Working with your stylist to enhance your natural colors can bring your hair to life and elevate any style you choose.


The movement towards short hair has existed for years, but 2022 hair trends have resulted in bolder hair moves. When you have long hair and cut it short for the first time, go big!

A short haircut can boost confidence. It completely transforms your look. Losing the weight of your hair can give you a sense of liberation that can motivate you in the next stage of your life.

Chin-length hair, buzzcuts, and pixie cuts are examples of popular ways to keep your hair short. Short hair can work with any type of hair texture. Short hair is low maintenance and great for people with busy lifestyles who can’t spend a lot of time on styling.


Hair trends can lead to new hair cut ideas that will change your life and boost your confidence. Your hair can make you stand out in a room and is an easy way to showcase your identity in any setting.

If you’re ready to take the next step and try out one of these trending styles, our stylists at The Hair Boulevard Co. are here to help you. We have the skills needed to do any of these styles, and we can give you the tools needed to maintain them in the future. We want to help you feel amazing and bring out your true self.

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