If you haven't decided on one already, choosing a wedding stylist can be a scary and even daunting task. We at Boulevard Hair Company want to help you make that decision. Below are some questions to ask the hairstylist at your bridal consultation.  Be sure to have all of your questions written down before so that you don't forget to ask during your appointment. Or you can just print this page as a guide.

Does he or she have a portfolio or photos of her work that you can take a look at? 

A portfolio is a wonderful way for brides to get a sense of what the stylist is capable of. They can also provide you with a the stylist's ability to provide brides with updos that reflect their individual styles. If every bride and bridesmaid has the same updo or formal style, then chances are the stylist is unable to, or doesn't even try to, incorporate the bride's individuality into the hair.  Click here to see the BOULEVARD'S WEDDING PORTFOLIO.

Does he or she have a list of references you can call or email? 

Other brides she has worked with will be able to provide you with insights into the stylist's promptness, attitude, and professionalism. Just ask and the stylists at the Boulevard can provide you with such a list.

If you aren't going to the salon, will she bring her own equipment - hair dryer, styling tools, bobbie pins, etc. - or will you be required to supply your own?

The Boulevard Hair Company supplies everything we will need to make you look and feel beautiful on your wedding day.

How does she charge - by the hour or by the head? 

The stylists at Boulevard Hair Co charge by the head, not by the hour. Long before your wedding day, you will know exactly what to expect in terms of price. We have no hidden charges or fees that will surprise you when its time to pay.

How many weddings does she do in one day (Will yours be the only one or will she be rushed to get to another wedding?) 

It is our policy to NEVER book back-to-back weddings.  We know how important it is to make you happy on your wedding day.  We will never rush your updo because of our schedule. The only situation where we will book multiple weddings in one day is if there is a minimum of 4 hours between the anticipated completion time of the first wedding and the requested start time of the second wedding (example - early morning wedding vs. late afternoon wedding) . Even then we are very careful not to allow us to get into that situation.  Your happiness is much more important to us than a little extra profit. Please keep in mind that this is why it is important for you to secure your wedding date as early as possible . If another bride secures your same date, the chances of us being able to book you on the same day are very small. 

How many bridesmaids is she able to accommodate?

First, figure out how many bridesmaids you will have in your wedding party. If she and the salon she works at are unable to accommodate your bridal party size, look elsewhere. Make sure to discuss how many stylists will be working with your party. If a stylist tells you that only she will handle your bridal party of 10 women, be suspicious of her assessment to complete everyone's hair in a timely fashion. Be realistic when planning this sort of thing. At the Boulevard, we are able to accommodate bridal parties of up to 14-15 people. The number of stylists that will perform the work will depend on the size of the bridal party and the types of updos or downdos to be completed.