10 Bridal Hairstyles That Will Make You Glow on Wedding Day

Are you looking to find the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day? You’ve come to the right place!

Bridal hair is one of the most important visual elements of your big day. Bad hair can ruin your photos, your mood, and your memories.

That’s why you need to consider your options. Bridal hairstyles can seem endless, so we narrowed it down to ten different categories of popular styles.

Keep reading to find the perfect wedding hair for you.


If you have long natural hair or extensions, you’ll probably love Hollywood waves. You can show off your beautiful tresses with soft voluminous waves. Make sure you add enough frizz-fighting oil, so they look sleek all day.

For square and rectangular faces, you might consider getting a blowout. Ultra-glam voluminous curls can accentuate your natural beauty and make you feel great.


Ponytails for bridal hairstyles are very versatile. You can keep it casual with wavy curls and cascading strands. Or you can slick it back and keep it high for a more high-fashion look.

If you have a round face this might be the look to go with. It will give you the illusion of higher cheekbones. You can choose to fix it with teasing and hair powder to create the perfect volume.


Retro-inspired bridal looks are having their moment. Many brides are choosing to take their hairstyles from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. These hairstyles look great in wedding photos and never get old.

Vintage-style curls on short hair always look classic. If you want your hair to look elegant and timeless in pictures these are the way to go. Make sure you find a stylist that knows what they are doing if you choose this.


A flower crown is a good choice for bohemian, fairy-like, or outdoor weddings. For a tender look, you can do loose curls and natural makeup. You’ll want to put a flower crown on your wedding checklist.

If you aren’t into the crown look, you can incorporate flowers in other ways. Adding flowers to the back of a half-up look can add some elegance. Or you can add them on top of a low bun or into a braid.

Before deciding on this hairstyle talk to your stylist about how you can take it off without ruining your hair. During your wedding reception, you may not want to keep walking around with flowers all over your head.


A long flowing braid is one of the simplest and most romantic bridal hairstyles. It very well compliments heart-shaped faces. You can choose to do a normal plait or do a mermaid braid for more texture.

Many brides even decide to embellish their braid with small flowers, pearls, or jewels. Of all the wedding hairstyles, this one can look fantastic at outdoor weddings. It’s also sure to look great in your wedding photography.

If you are not a fan of the flowing braid, you might try a milkmaid braid. This type of braid goes around your head like a crown and adds a lot of volume. You can embellish it with tiny flowers and gems.


Natural curls with small accents of flowers or pearls never go out of style. You want to be the best version of yourself on your wedding day. Why would you mess that up with a flat iron?

You can work with your hairstylist to find the right combination of products that will give you your best hair day for your big day.


Laidback style can come in many forms, but our favorite is the beach waves. This hairstyle looks great with any haircut, and it’s easy! You can achieve gorgeous beach waves in less than an hour with the right hairstylist.

When beach waves are styled with a center part and classic jewelry, you will look effortlessly chic.


The classic topknot is a great hairstyle for when you are tying the knot. They look particularly great on people with rectangular faces. This hairstyle looks effortless and beautiful every time.

If you are going for natural beauty, you can add a little volume with some rollers. Consider letting a few strands fall around your face to look even more weightless.

High-topknot buns also look fantastic with curtain bangs. Curl them away from your face to create some framing.


The low bun suits anyone including square-faced brides. The softness and elegance of this hairstyle won’t distract from the dress or your natural beauty. This style is so popular for bridal hairstyles for a reason.

You can choose to volumize this look with rollers and loose strands. Or you can slick it back for a sophisticated, glossy image.

Consider including a brooch, jewels, or flowers into this hairstyle to give it some extra personality. The low bun has been done again and again at weddings so you will have no problem finding inspiration.


Pearls large and small added to wedding hairstyles are trendy right now. You can add them to almost any hairstyle you want. One popular take on pearl-adorned hair is the low bun.

By making your low bun textured with braids or other volume methods, you can weave pearls in. Large pearls can look great right above the knot or add small pearls all over.


On your wedding day, you must have access to any of the bridal hairstyles you’ve been considering. To do that, you must find a great professional hairstylist.

Our stylists at The Hair Boulevard Co. have the passion, expertise, and attention to detail you need for a great hair day. Our priority is you and we want to help you feel as beautiful as you’ve imagined.

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