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One of the biggest and most memorable days of your life is your wedding day. At The Boulevard Hair Co, we feel there is no greater honor than being considered to help plan your perfect wedding hairstyle and makeup as part of your wedding day. Our professional stylists have the passion, experience and attention to detail you need and want in a wedding day hairstylist and makeup artist. From the first consultation through the wedding day, our first priority is to make sure the bride, bridesmaids and other family members feel that their bridal hair is a beautiful extension of themselves and the bride’s vision for that special day.

Located in the St. Louis County suburb of Webster Groves, the talented team of stylists and makeup artists at The Boulevard Hair Co has over 100 years of combined professional experience to give every bride the hair style and makeup she wants.

We are also home to one of St. Louis’ largest bridal suites, built exclusively for wedding parties. Boasting over 2000 sq ft of dedicated bridal suite space, The Bridal House offers even the most discriminating brides privacy, luxury and plenty of photo opportunities.

Schedule your wedding day hair and makeup with our award winning stylists today and relax; we will work with you to ensure your wedding look is as beautiful as you have imagined.


We are home to one of St. Louis’ largest bridal suites, built exclusively for wedding parties. Boasting over 2000 sq ft of dedicated bridal suite space, The Bridal House offers even the most discriminating brides privacy, luxury and plenty of photo opportunities.


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Gifts For The Bride

We understand that weddings can get expensive. But that doesn’t mean you have to neglect your pre-wedding beauty preparations. Book your bridal party with The Boulevard Hair Co & receive the following gifts from our family to yours.


20% Off Pre-Wedding Day Services

Brides receive 20% OFF all pre-wedding day services made for 2 months prior to the wedding date.

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20% Off All Retail Purchases

Brides receive 20% OFF all retail purchases made within 2 months leading up to the wedding day.

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$25 Gift Certificate for Bridal Party

Each bridal party member scheduled to receive wedding day services will be gifted a $25 Gift Certificate to help ensure your entire bridal party is cut, colored and photo ready before your big day.

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Bridal Hair and Makeup
Frequently Asked Questions


Bridal Trial FAQ

What is a Bridal Trial?

Simply put, a bridal trial (or bridal preview) is an appointment prior to your wedding day to try out the hair and makeup looks you've been looking at! It's also an opportunity for you to meet your styilst / makeup artist, for you to get to know one another, for you to see how your hair and makeup will look on your wedding day, and give the stylist / makeup artist a chance to explore your hair and face. The bridal trial is separate from your wedding day in that it is treated as a regular hair and makeup appointment, so typically the trial run fee is paid at the conclusion of the appointment.

Do you require brides to receive a Hair or Makeup trial?

While not required, we certainly recommend that all brides schedule themselves for a bridal hair and makeup trial. We want your wedding day to be perfect for you and trials help ensure our ability to deliver the hair and makeup you will love.

How soon should I book my hair and makeup trials?

While some brides prefer to book their trials as soon as possible, we recommend booking your hair and makeup trials no later than 3 - 4 months prior to your wedding date.

Where does the trial run take place and how long does it typically take?


All trial runs take place at our salon located at 8193 Big Bend Blvd, Webster Groves, MO 63119. Appointments for both hair and makeup trials usually last anywhere from 2-3 hours, but that depends on you! If you know exactly what you want or the style you're going for is simple, then your appointment will be 2 hours or less. However, if you're not sure what you want for hair and makeup, or your requests are a bit more complex, you can expect to be with your stylist/artist for a bit longer. Hair only or makeup only trials take about half the amount of time.


What should I bring to my bridal hair and makeup trials?


We recommend that you bring pictures of styles you like, especially if this is your first time to the salon. Keep in mind that if we don't know your personal tastes, you'll have to show as well as tell. Pinterest, online wedding websites, and friends' wedding pictures are great places to get ideas. Another great idea is to bring photos of yourself, displaying any particular hairstyles or features that you like.

Also bring any hair accessories you are thinking of using, including your veil. Hair accessories can make any hairstyle look different. So it is important to see yourself exactly as you will look on your wedding day.

Lastly, wear a white T-shirt (or one that closely matches the color of your dress) to your wedding updo trial. Make sure it has a similar neckline as well - different hairstyles lend themselves to different necklines. Take the advice of The Knot: "You can't wear your gown to your hair trial, so do the next best thing - pick a white or light-colored shirt with a similar neckline."


A great idea is to bring your camera or phone with you. At your request, we can photograph each finished look from all angles - front, back, and both sides. That way you'll be able to see how you look from all sides as well as how the style will translate onto photographs. This is not crucial but may help give you some insight into what to expect on your wedding day.

You can also feel free to bring a notepad and pen with you. We can help you document the exact products and techniques that we use to save as a reference for your big day. Don't worry though, we make sure to document all of this as well. We just understand that some brides can be put at ease with that extra little bit of control over the process. You won't offend us by asking.

Will the stylist or makeup artist who does my trial be the stylist who does my wedding day?

In most instances the stylist or makeup artist who completes your trial will also be the stylist or makeup artist on the day of your wedding. However, please understand life happens … and so do emergencies. In case of emergencies or other conflicts, you may receive a different stylist or makeup artist. We take lots of photos and careful notes and records of your hair and makeup look so the stylist can replicate the look completed during your trial in the case of a stylist switch. Keep in the mind that we only replace your stylist under extreme circumstances.

What kind of inspirational photos should I be looking for?

Thanks to social media and websites like Pinterest, you have so many useful resources to find the perfect wedding day look. However, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the styles and looks available. The best advice we can give you is to make sure you are looking at photos of women who's hair resembles your hair color, texture, density, and length. For example, if you have dark colored hair, DO NOT look at photos of blondes. Blonde hair shows so much more detail and it is easy to be attracted to a certain hairstyle because of that. This could give you an unrealistic expectation of the final result, no matter how talented your bridal hairstylist is. Also, if your hair is on the thinner side of the spectrum and you do not plan to purchase hair extensions, please do not show your stylist photos of gigantic braids.

The same can be said for makeup. If you have brown eyes, make sure you are looking at photos of women who also have brown eyes (not blue or green). Look for women who also are in the same age range as you, and who have the same coloring as you. Although as artists we are able to work some magic, at the end of the day we want to make sure you have realistic expectations and leave happy with your results.

Lastly, if you do find your self becoming overwhelmed by all the choices, relax and just show up. Your stylist will help you navigate the best look for you.

Do you have a wedding portfolio?

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Accommodations & Booking FAQ

How many wedding party guests can you accomodate for services?

Our bridal hair and makeup team accommodates bridal parties both large & small. We have serviced bridal parties as large as 20 people and can certainly provide hair and makeup for more. However, the larger your wedding party is, the more planning that will be needed. We recommend booking a bridal consultation as soon as possible to ensure your wedding date is available and that we have enough staff to accommodate your needs.

How do I book my wedding party for hair and makeup?

Brides are first required to complete our online Bridal Consultation Form so that we can get the basics of your wedding day needs. Just click the button below to start booking your Bridal Hair & Makeup. After the form is completed, one of our bridal consultants will reach out to you typically within 24 hours.

Do your stylists and makeup artists travel on-location for wedding hair and makeup?

Our wedding stylists and makeup artists will travel up to one hour from the salon to perform on-location wedding hair and makeup. Their is a per artist fee based on distance from the salon. You can find our on-location traveling fees within our wedding hair and makeup pricing menu.

Where will my bridal party receive their wedding services on the day of my wedding?

We offer brides several options to choose from when deciding where to receive their wedding day services.

Option 1: The Bridal House

Our most popular option is our dedicated Bridal House, a stand-alone space located just behind the salon. Designed exclusively for bridal parties, The Bridal House offers privacy, unrivaled photo opportunities as well as exclusive amenities that any bride would wish for. Click below to learn more about our Bridal House.

Option 2: In Salon

Brides are always welcome to receive their services in the salon as well. There is no additional charge for in-salon weddings. However, brides and bridal party members must understand that other guests will be receiving services around them. As such, we ask that personal items, bags and guests not receiving salon services be kept to a minimum. Further, no food will be allowed in the general salon space.

Option 3: On Location

Our wedding stylists and makeup artists will travel up to one hour from the salon to perform on-location wedding hair and makeup. Their is a per artist fee based on distance from the salon. You can find our on-location traveling fees within our wedding hair and makeup pricing menu.

Payment FAQ

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Debit and Boulevard Hair Co Gift Cards. Personal checks are accepted with valid ID and are subject to a $25 returned check fee.

Is a deposit required to secure my wedding date?

We do require that the bride prepay for all wedding day services and bridal house rental fees to secure her wedding date. Wedding dates are not considered secure until payment is made. Services for the bridesmaids, MOB, MOG, flower girls, etc… will be paid for on the day of the wedding.

What is the best way to handle gratuity?

As you would for any salon service, it is suggested that you tip your stylists and makeup artists at least 18-20% of your service fees for both trial and wedding day services. The salon does accept credit card payments for gratuity. However, a separate envelope with cash for each stylist is very helpful and much appreciated.

Bridal ServiceS FAQ

Do you offer additional services beyond hair and makeup for the bride?

We absolutely do! Below are some popular add-on services that compliment the needs and desires of many brides:

Bridal Hair Extensions

Do you dream of having long hair on your wedding day? Why not consider adding some hair extensions for extra length or to add some volume to your hair, giving you a completely natural look. The Boulevard offers a wide variety of hair extensions that can be colored and matched perfectly to your hair. Book a complimentary consultation to learn what’s possible and receive a complete quote.

Pre-Wedding Day Hair Maintenance

Whether you’re in need of a cut or looking for a color, we’ve got you covered. Speak with your bridal consultant about scheduling your hair maintenance services so that you are ready and felling beautiful prior to your wedding day. And don’t forget … our brides receive 20% off all pre-wedding day services during the 2 months leading up to the wedding date (trials and hair extension services not included).

Special Event Hair & Makeup

Many of our bride’s love the idea of having their hair and makeup done for all of the pre-wedding day events that come with getting married. That’s why we put together a few packages for the bride to make sure she is always feeling beautiful, whatever the event. Brides can choose to use these services for engagement pictures, rehearsal dinners, bachelorette parties, bridal showers or even just a much needed night out on the town. Whatever the occasion, our hair and makeup artists can help you look and feel beautiful throughout your engagement.

Rent The Bridal House for Your Wedding Related Event

We also offer the Bridal House as a small event space that bride’s can use to host their bridal shower or even a place for the bride and her friends to get pampered before starting out on the bachelorette party. All reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis and not secured until the reservation fee is paid in full.

What makeup products do you use?

We use professional grade cosmetics that are held to the highest standards. A bride’s makeup needs to be sweat, tear and smudge proof as well as camera ready. Each of our artists have personal preferences on their cosmetics of choice, but brands such as Make Up Forever, MAC, Nars, Urban Decay, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown are staples in each of our kits. We would also be happy to apply any cosmetics that you personally own.

What is the difference between airbrush and traditional makeup?

“Traditional” makeup is the process of custom mixing foundation and using brushes and other tools to apply the products. Traditional makeup is the easiest way to control the amount of coverage for your special skin needs. When you think “traditional,” think liquid, cream and powder foundations. Airbrush makeup is makeup utilizing an airbrush machine, which breaks down the makeup into small particles and shoots it out of an airbrush gun using compressed air. Airbrush makeup is quick and is great for use in tattoo coverage. Airbrush makeup is good for those who want light coverage to medium coverage. It is a great option for summer brides when heat and humidity are high. Airbrush makeup comes in both silicone and alcohol based formulas, and your makeup artist will choose which formula is best for you. At The Boulevard Hair Co, we only use this technique for the foundation, contouring, and blush/bronzer. We do not airbrush eyes or lips.