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All prices are starting prices and may vary between each individual stylist. Prices are based on the level of the stylist that you choose. If you have a certain budget in mind please do not hesitate to let us know that. We are sure to have a stylist just for you.

Whether you’re looking for soft waves, extra body or bouncy curls, our professional hair stylists have all of your permanent needs covered. We also offer a wide array of straightening services to specifically smooth, defrizz or soften unruly hair. If you’re looking to drastically update your style, or maintain your existing look, setup an appointment today.

Best Keratin Straightening Treatment - Hair Salon St. Louis, MO
keratherapy keratin smoothing treatments - Best Hair Salon, St. Louis MO

Inspired by the glamour of the Miami lifestyle, and motivated by its threats to hair such as relentless sun, unforgiving humidity and salt water, Keratherapy has since become the most innovative, forward thinking company in the keratin smoothing category, building the brand around superior formulations and providing women with smooth, shiny, healthy and frizz-free hair.

All Keratherapy products utilize KERABOND™ Technology, a process by which pure keratin is refined and enhanced, enabling it to go beyond the cuticle and penetrate deeper into the hair shaft where it bonds to the most damaged parts of the hair. This ensures the keratin is replenished only where it’s needed, resulting in smooth, shiny, healthy hair, guaranteed!

It’s no longer about “straight”, it’s about condition, manageability, shine & strength. The "straightening" category has evolved from an exclusive, expensive, time-consuming, treatment for a small percentage of clients to a selection of services and home care products at multiple
price points, commitment and curl reduction levels that appeal to every guest of our salon company.


  • Shinier, longer lasting color

  • Stronger, healthier hair

  • Elimination of frizz

  • Immunity to humidity

  • 50% faster blow-dry, ironing or overall finishing time

Smoothing leaves hair in better condition than it ever was before. Curly, straight or
anywhere in-between; every guest stands to gain from one or more of the benefits that Smoothing treatments and home care products provide.

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