These tips will help you prepare so that you’ll have an easy, smooth wedding makeup and hair experience on the day of your wedding. Follow our tips and you’ll be able to sit back comfortably and relax while you’re makeup and hair artist gets you gorgeous for your big day.


  1. Any facials/microderm abrasions should be done 2 weeks prior and waxing/threading should be done 2 days prior to the wedding day.

    • Makeup doesn’t adhere as well to freshly waxed or harshly exfoliated skin.

  2. Do any color touch ups to your hair about 1 week prior to the wedding day.

    • Freshly cut hair may be harder to style in certain styles so be sure to make haircuts very simple and not too drastic as this could affect your hairstylist’s ability to create your wedding style.

  3. Wash your hair and blow-dry it the day before the wedding. Be sure to inform your bridesmaids of this tip as well.

    • Make sure the hair is clean, product free, and dry on the morning of the wedding.

    • Hair will hold a  style longer if it is not freshly shampooed.

  4. Wash your face the night before and remove all traces of makeup.

    • This gives the makeup artist a clean canvas on which to work.


  1. Wear your undergarments under a button-front shirt so you'll be ready to slip into your dress when your hair is done.

  2. If you’re using a tiara/hair crystals/jewel combs/flowers, etc. be sure to lay them out for the hairstylist on that morning so that everything will be in arms reach and will go smoothly.

  3. If you’re using a veil, be sure that it is steamed and hung nearby to where the hairstylist is working.

  4. If your stylist/makeup artist is coming to you, set up an area for them to style your hair and your bridesmaids’ hair.

    • Consult your stylist to figure out how much room will be needed, as this will depend on the number of stylists scheduled and the amount of time allotted for hair and makeup.

    • If possible, choose a spot where there is plenty of natural light.

    • Have a low back chair for the bride to sit in.

    • Ensure adequate outlets for appliances.  (2 outlets are sufficient)

  5. Pack a face-kit. If you haven’t hired your makeup artist to come back and touch you up for the reception or for the pictures after the ceremony, then be prepared to have one of your bridesmaids or the MOB stick a few items in their purse for you.

    • You should pack: a lipstick in the same color you’re wearing (lipstick will wear longer than lip gloss), a lip gloss for layering color if you’re going for a glossy look, blotting papers, a pressed powder (use sparingly on shiny areas only), some bobby pins (just in case you get a fly-away), and a waterproof dark eyeliner pencil if you’re going from a morning/afternoon ceremony to an evening reception and need to quickly amp up your look.

  6. Be prepared to pay your stylist and any other vendors that will need to be paid that day.

    • Usually it is best to put all of your payments into individually marked envelopes and let a trusted bridesmaid handle paying any vendors that need to be taken care of that day.  This way you have one less thing to worry about the day of your wedding.

  7. If you are incorporating any wedding colors into your makeup, be sure to lay out your bouquet, or your cloth swatch so the makeup artist will be sure to get you a perfect color match.

    • This is also essential for the bridesmaids/MOB/MOG, etc.

  8. If you’re using any special makeup products that you are supplying (such as a particular face cream or foundation that you really love or a product that is specific to your sensitive or allergy prone skin), be sure to lay those items out on the day of the wedding.

  9. If there are any specialty items you want the makeup artist to use, be sure to have them laid out that morning (such as bindis, specialty eyelashes, etc)

    • That way you won’t need to hunt around for them in the middle of your hair or makeup being done.